Monday, March 3, 2008

Smelling the tomatoes

My darling hubby and I went out for dinner and a concert Saturday night with some good friends. While waiting for our friends to arrive at the restaurant, we noticed people coming out of the little door next to the restaurant with sacks of produce. It caught our attention because lately the produce at our local superstore is seriously unappealing! This stuff looked incredible... even in grocery sacks. We decided to take a peek inside and were rewarded for our curiousity. It was a small hispanic business selling various produce and spices. We bought 5 lbs. of tomatoes and several oranges and onions. When I got them home, I put the tomatoes in my produce basket and was surprised that I could actually smell the tomatoes. They have a lovely aroma that you just don't experience in produce from our regular grocery store. WOW!!! Look at those, aren't they beautiful? I can't wait to make salsa, have them on sandwiches, and if there are any left I will make some spaghetti sauce.

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Anonymous said...

Those look so great! I wish I had smellivision.