Monday, March 3, 2008

Markerboard Monday

We use the markerboard every school day for lessons and even on Saturdays to mark off chores or things we want to do that day. Because there are so many different lessons to teach daily, the board gets erased after teaching/learning a particular subject to make room for the next lesson.
Here is an example of how we use the markerboard to help us learn History and Geography.... We take turns reading from our book, then we write a basic outline on the board including key things to remember. This is our last subject of the day. When we're finished, I will write questions about this section on notecards to review, and we will go over them the next day (and each day after that, reviewing all of the cards until the end of the chapter).

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Anonymous said...

We love our markerboard too! I actually need to get an additional one because we are running out of room to write things.