Friday, November 30, 2007

Goodbye Fall Decorations!

It's time to get out the Christmas decorations! Before we do that though, we have to put away the fall decorations. I LOVE the thanksgiving stuff around the house! It's with a fond farewell that the little Indian boys and handmade turkeys are getting packed away. In the box with the fall decor, I also put in a file folder with our fall worksheets or instructions for projects. Also, I include the books specifically for fall, so that next fall when I need the Thanksgiving storybook, I know where to find it! Always a plus in my house. The kids are itching to get started on the Gingerbread House Kit, so I've got to finish packing away the pumpkin pictures and leaf border. So long for now!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Our School Area

We use our dining room for our school work.

My 5th grade son likes to spread out and use the big table.

I use the markerboard a LOT
for teaching and playing games on.

Beside the board, on the right, is our calendar,
clock, and phonics cards.

Under the board is where we keep centers and
activities we are using, like magnets, stamps, legos, etc.

My 1st grade son likes to use his smaller desk for his school work.

Of course, we like to do our reading snuggled up on the couch!