Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's in the BAG!

My newest sewing hobby has been making bags. I picked up a pattern for handbags, but decided I needed something a little larger probably. I tried enlarging all of the pieces, and now I can make them any size we need! The boys needed a bag to have all of their Patch the Pirate stuff in to take to church every week, so I started with theirs first.

Ry likes the cool flames, so his is done blue on the outside and orange on the inside lining

B. picked out Veggie Tales for his bag.

Then I made one to be a door prize at a Ladies' Mtg. I hosted last month, but I can't find the pic!

Here's one I made large enough to carry scrapbooks. The bright colors just jumped out at me in the store and said this will make a cute tote.

And finally, this is a bag I made for my sweet little nephew's birthday.

I also made a Thomas blanket and pillow that fit inside it.

I just love tote bags! I carry all of our stuff to church in them, books and videos to the library, all kinds of "necessary" things on trips like camera, snacks, extra batteries, magazines, goodness SO many things to carry!!!


TrainingHearts said...

Such beautiful bags! I haven't ventured into sewing those (yet!) hehe!!

Thank you for visiting my blog today :)

Abundant Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Your bags look beautiful! I love the Veggie Tales bag. Thanks so much for your prayers on this week also.

Ann said...

Very cute! I bought fabric to make reusable grocery bags for all the women on my Christmas list, but it didn't've inspired me to break out the sewing machine :)