Friday, October 26, 2007

Making a Daily Schedule

Instead of responding with fear and dread to the thought of a schedule, I usually maintain an on/off relationship with my schedule! Some days I chuckle and thank myself for thinking ahead, planning it all out, so I KNOW what to do next. Other times, I get frustrated and think this is definitely NOT what I want to be doing right now, or this doesn't "fit" right now.

Since the beginning of this school year, I have planned out our daily schedule several times. I needed to work things a little differently than in previous years, so there was quite a bit of tweaking involved in the process. In my mind, it made sense to do one boy's Language lessons then let him do his busywork while I work with the other one on his Language lessons. Then, do the same with math, reading, and whatever else we decide to toss in. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? The trouble was, it just wasn't working! There was too much back and forth that caused lag in projects, thought processes, and work being done (or not done!)

Finally, nearly two months into our school year, I found it. I found the rhythm we have been needing in our day, the order of events that seem smooth and natural to us. I give my 1st grader some workbook pages to work on and direct him to different activities he can do when he's finished with the pages, like blocks, playdough, castle guys, reading, or drawing. So he does that while I teach my 5th grader all Language Arts subjects (English, reading, spelling, writing) and Math. Then the 5th grader finishes up his math and language pages while I teach 1st grade to my other son. It's working for us!! We have a break to play around then eat lunch. After lunch we will do science and social studies together.

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