Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Countdown to Summer Fun

For this homeschooling family, summer break means staying up late and sleeping late in the mornings. It also means not having "lessons" during the day time. The boys are ready to jump out of their skin with anticipation of "no school work!!" as they put it.

However, after two days of non-stop video games and computer time they get a little burned out and start wandering the house with the universal whine "I'm bored."

The boys came up with a few ideas, and I realized that I had to keep myself from rolling my eyes at their suggestions. Pretty good ideas, actually!! What was wrong with me?? They got so excited about some of their ideas that they insisted on starting TODAY. I had to get over what I already wanted to do and help provide an outlet for them, too. I'll let you see pics of their play and All About Me pages they made on a later post. The video of their play is taking all day to upload.... UGH!

Instead of our usual "winging it," we came up with a few things to keep in mind when the boredom sets in. Here are a few ideas we came up with:

Performing a play or puppet show.

Learning a new song

Reading the next book in our current book series: Kingdom series and Narnia series

Making notebook pages and coloring pages about those books or anything else that interests us

Writing a book - short story or picture book (both are fun!!)

Taking pictures

Making home videos

Having "knight" training
Castle play
Dress up

Water painting

Sidewalk chalk

Board games

Nature walks (on those semi-cool days)

Trip to the park

Swimming at the community pool

This is all we could come up with so far. Maybe it will get us through!! Stay tuned for more. *L*

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Have fun and enjoy your summer!