Tuesday, April 29, 2008

City Momma, Nature Lover

The Lord has brought me a wonderful newfound love of nature! My boys were so like me in that area. Any time we saw a bug, we would run! I realized what it was doing to my kids and have made a genuine effort to be more nature friendly. We've been gardening like crazy, and I'm thrilled that the boys come outside and help me, or just dig in the dirt, or even just hang out with me outdoors. It's a great time, since it will be sizzlin' hot soon.

Yesterday, B. (6) and I had an awesome moment while I was pulling weeds. He saw a worm in the dirt. No, he didn't squeal or get squeemish, like usual. He said, "Look, Mom! A worm." Then he surprised my socks off by saying, "Can I touch it?" So he touched it and we talked about how slippery he was, and when the worm moved about we pretended like he was tickled when we touched him. I was seriously amazed at how far this city momma and her sons have transformed into nature lovers.

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